What Sunshine Academy is all about

Welcome to the Sunshine Academy! Here you'll find lots of knowledge on just about every topic we've covered over the years. We'll constantly be adding new content, keep checking back or look out for our updates (by email and social media).
It's easy to start your learning journey with us:

  1. Just go to the "Welcome to the Sunshine Academy" course 
  2. Then follow the instructions to subscribe

Once subscribed, look for the folder "WEBINAR LIBRARY" where you'll find a wide range of webinars.

These are available for as long as you subscribe to the Sunshine Academy.

Over time the library will grow to cover more and more topics. We are also committed to only giving you the most up-to-date information, so as we present new webinars that cover more recent events and changes in the law, we'll replace the old webinars accordingly.

Happy Learning!
Mark Finished